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Design development

Corporate design development, brand book, website design.

Website development

Promo websites, e-commerce websites, corporate websites, social networking, etc.

Development is carried out on one of the CMS. For example: Joomla, WordPress, Opencart, 1C Bitrix, etc.
In each certain case we consider motivation for the use of  this or that CMS. Our goal here is to minimize сosts and development time.

In case of non-standard functional applying CMS might be inefficient. Then one of this frameworks is used (CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, Yii, Symfony) which is more flexible for developing any structure and functionality.

Development process is split into several steps:

1. Compiling a technical specification, website structure development, mocking-up.
2. Website design development.
3. HTML-coding.
4. Development of the required functional.
5. Website design and functional integration.
6. Testing.

Web-interface development

Web-interface implementation in accordance with the preset algorithm.
A typical example would be different calculators designed for automatic pricing on the site. For instance, cost of service pricing based on configuration.

CRM, ERP development, business process automation

Сustomer relationship management (CRM) for organizations designed to automate employer (client) relationship strategy, particularly, for sales level improvement, marketing optimisation, client service enhancement by recording a client information and correspondent relationship, business process settlement and enhancement with a further analysis of the results.

Example usage:
— On e-commerce websites for order processing and statistics gathering.
— On сompany websites for service request processing and control over its execution.
— Inside the company for setting employees tasks and control over their execution.

Content management

Website content.
Copywriting (articles written in accordance with a given theme).
Rewriting is used to completely modify the incoming text to the level of the original text. It is applicable when developing websites with a large bulk of articles.

Translation. More than 13 languages. Professional level.  We engage native speakers  to help us checking the translation.

Website promotion

Website audit. Based on the audit results we give guidelines for website design and structure modification, proofreading. We take into consideration two constituents:

1. Usability feature and thus gain in sales.
2. Improvement of indexing and website ranging in search results. As a result — a higher position in search engines like Yandex, Google, etc.

Video clips, commercial

Production of creative video clips for broadcasting on TV and social media.
Сommercial promotion on federal regional and cable channels.
Model and actor casting.
Video voice-over and dubbing, radio commercials.

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